We have a variety of options to help your listing get featured and found on our website to help you drive the most hunters to your site. The different options below are marketed organically to the search engines as well as paid advertising to each section, to provide the most benefit and exposure to these listings.

Homepage Feature

Get your listing featured on the homepage. This would be in the featured guides section right below the main search. This section is limited to 6 guides and is done on a monthly schedule.

View the featured guide section on the homepage.

Featured Hunts

The featured hunts section will showcase your listing with a specific species and detailed information about the hunt. This section will be limited to 3 featured hunts per species.

Featured Hunts

Featured Species

The featured species section will be on the main page for the specific species. Each species listed on the site will have more detailed information about each species. The featured species section will be limited to 6 listing.

Elk Hunting.

Featured State

The featured listings on the State pages will be limited to 6 listings. This section of the site will also be set on a monthly schedule.

Example Featured State – Colorado.